Who have we supported?

Who have we supported?

During the first two years of running the charity we have been working hard on understanding how best to support our clients, developing invaluable relationships with collaborative charities to help deliver better services, and looking for innovative and pioneering research projects that are ready for investment. This is something that has taken time, but in between this we have been accepting clients and supporting them in a variety of ways.

What we offer goes above and beyond the general services we provide and we will always try to accommodate where possible. One of our earliest applications was for a couple who had received the devastating news that their child had mitochondrial disease and time was not on their side. With the help of the fantastic Butterfly Wishes Network we were able to organise for a photographer to attend an impromptu wedding arranged at the hospital for the parents so they could all be a part of that special day. There is no special category for this kind of application. As a charity we are unique in that we’ll always endeavour to make the lives of mito families better, no matter what that form of help and support may be.

Below are just a few stories and comments from some of our clients that will help you better understand what we do, and also to help explain the harsh reality of what it is like to live with mitochondrial disease.

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