Charlie's Gifting Week

When setting the charity up we decided we wanted to create a special week for Charlie where we emphasise the little things in life. The memory making gifts; the gifts that families can cherish; the gifts that mean so much to families in the future. We also wanted to express kindness: something that Charlie taught us all as he battled his own journey. The result is Charlie’s Gifting Week where families and individuals affected by mitochondrial disease can apply for some wonderful memory making gifts to cherish forever.

Charlie’s Gifting Week comes straight after Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, so we can continue raising awareness for this devastating disease whilst also offering simple yet beautiful and heartfelf memory making gifts to our families. This year Charlie’s Gifting Week runs from September 26th to October 2nd 2021.

Each year we would normally offer a range of gifts to our families but this year we have created some special gift packs that will bring some happiness and comfort to our families who live with mitochondrial disease on a daily basis.

Thanks to the amazing support from Penguin Random House, who kindly supplied our beautiful books: The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse, and From Lucy, who kindly supplied our Family Challenges and Happy Memory Boxes, we’ve been able to create some beautiful packs that will help our families make some lovely memories and get them get through those difficult days, too.

We’ll be sending out these packs to our families throughout the week, but if you would like to apply for a pack for your family, or would like to nominate a family to receive a pack, please let us know using the form below.

Charlie's Gifting Week

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