How can we help?

The Charlie Gard Foundation works with a variety of charities, and companies, to ensure we can offer as many different levels of professional support as possible. We are very keen to support families in the ‘here and now’ so whatever you may need to help you live a more fulfilling or comfortable life, we aim to provide it for you. From memory making gifts to treatment grants, and fundraising support to specialist equipment – we cover a broad variety of services to help the lives of those families and individuals affected by a mitochondrial diagnosis.

Who can apply?

If you’ve been affected by a mitochondrial diagnosis, or you’re in the process of receiving a diagnosis, then you’re eligible to apply for assistance. We have no restrictions in terms of your age or where you live, and all referrals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, so if in doubt please do still apply as we’ll do our utmost to assist everyone who reaches out to us for help. All our services are available for residents in the UK and Ireland, but we also offer assistance and support for those outside the UK, although there are some restrictions on those applications.

Mitochondrial disease and the Charlie Gard Foundation

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