What do we do?

What do we do?

The Charlie Gard Foundation has two main branches: research and family support. We have contacts in several of the world’s leading hospitals working with mitochondrial related studies, all experts in their field of medicine. We appreciate that collaboration with experts in mitochondrial diseases, and related fields, is a must for us to achieve our goal of finding new and viable treatments, whilst also pursuing that all elusive cure. Working with professionals within the UK, Europe and America is essential for us to succeed in our objects and make the lives of mito sufferers more promising and fulfilling.

We’ll be investing in innovative and pioneering research that looks to deliver the most promising results, and will commit to a continual investment of funds for viable projects for the foreseeable future.

Research will be the key to battling mito, but this will take time, and until such a time that a cure is found we will be there to support families and those affected by this devastating disease. Our support covers the ‘mito journey’ from beginning to end, from the moment you are touched by a mito diagnosis, to the final chapters of your story, we will be there to help make life comfortable, manageable and as fulfilling as possible.

How can we assist?

To make life more comfortable we can assist with:

Specialist Medical Equipment

Essential Household Items

Treatment Grants

To make life more manageable we can assist with:

Financial Advice

Benefits Advice

Medical Information

Home Adaptions

Bereavement Support

To make life as fulfilling as possible we can assist with:

Respite Holidays

Theme Park Tickets

Family Photoshoots

Wish Making

Garden Renovations

Fundraising Campaigns

Our primary goal for those living with mitochondrial disease is to ensure that adults and children can live the best life possible. Mitochondrial diseases are life limiting, and most of our children won’t get to see their fifth birthday, but we are here to ensure they get the services and equipment they need to reach their potential and make every precious moment count.

And no matter what the need is, we will do our best to deliver. Whether it’s a photoshoot in a hospital for an impromptu wedding because a child has deteriorated quickly, host fundraising campaigns for hydrotherapy pools or offer grants for an adapted disability vehicle – we will always endeavour to support those applications to ensure we deliver on our promise of creating a brighter mito future because mito matters.

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