Who are we?

After the tragic death of baby Charlie Gard in July 2017, the Charlie Gard Foundation was created in his memory from the funds originally raised for his treatment. The Charlie Gard Foundation aims to be the leading UK charity supporting children, adults and their families that have been affected by mitochondrial disease. We invest in pioneering research into viable treatments for mitochondrial diseases, and collaborate with professionals and experts from around the world to ensure we have every chance of finding that all elusive cure.

Mitochondrial diseases are life limiting, but we are here to make each precious moment count, and provide support and information for every step of your mito journey. We support families from the moment a diagnosis is received all the way to end-of-life care, and everything in between. We are here for you at every stage of your journey and recognise that memory making and family time is of the utmost importance, so we aim to offer a variety of services that will help you on your journey, whilst also offering support for equipment and services that will help to give sufferers a better quality of life.

We're here for you

Although we offer a wide range of services, sometimes all people want is a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen. We will always be there for those who need that bit of extra support to get you through the tough times, and to be a part of your amazing times, too. We understand that people who face a mito diagnosis can often feel alone, but you are not alone – we will be there for you.



Who are we?

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