Garden Project

Garden Project

In 2020 we started our very first garden project, and what a year it’s been! Thanks to Covid we had to resort to Plan E, which was pretty much a DIY SOS project that required a lot of support and generosity from some fantastic people within the landscape and garden industry, but it was essential that we started this garden for our mito family.

With Covid restrictions, lack of materials and professionals being booked up for months we had one huge task to begin and fulfil this project, but thanks to one amazing man, David Strows from Artform Landscapes, who offered to help with our project, we managed to make a start and begin the enormous task of redeveloping the entire back garden of one of our mito families. The garden had been unaccessible for many years so we are creating a beautiful, functional and accessible garden for a little girl called Noor to ensure she has a space to play, relax and feel safe with her family.

The garden is due to be finished by Spring 2021 but we have a snippet of video below from our 2020 virtual ball where you can meet our mito family and get a sneak peek at the garden and work that we’ve undertaken so far. Once finished, we’ll have a time-lapse video and full interview with the family including a surprise reveal of the garden once it’s complete!

We’re opening up the garden project as something bigger within the charity and from autumn 2021 we’ll open up applications for our 2022 projects. We’re already full up with applications for this year, but if you would like to be considered for a garden renovation then please do email us at and we can let you know when our applications are due to open. And if you are a business and would like to support us for future projects we’d love to hear from you too, and all enquiries can be directed to the above email also.

Our First Project

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