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The draw closes at 17:00 every Friday and the draw takes place every Saturday at 17:45 GMT. Winners will be notified following each draw.

The all-important winning numbers from the last six months of the lottery draw!

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How it works

1. Choose how many tickets you want each week. Every week you'll get a chance to win for every £1 ticket you have in the draw.

2. Choose whether to pay annually, quarterly or every 4 weeks. You'll then be allocated a unique 6 digit number that is yours to keep for as long as you continue to play.

3. If your numbers come up on a Saturday, we'll let you know you're a winner and deposit your winnings in your account!

If you’re wanting to support the foundation, but not sure of the best way to help, then the lottery is the perfect solution.

Have a bit of fun playing in the lottery where you have the chance of winning £25,000, whilst also supporting the foundation and the vital work we do for mitochondrial sufferers. You can also set up the lottery as a gift for someone else, so if you’re stuck for that special gift and don’t want to spend too much, then a lottery enrolment is a unique way to help us raise funds whilst also giving someone the chance at regularly winning a monetary prize.

You’ll be able to play for as little as £1 per week and you’ll be allocated with a six-digit lottery number that will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. There’s no restriction on how many numbers you wish to purchase, and 1 in 63 players win a cash prize every week.

Prize Breakdown

Winners have to match 3, 4, 5 or 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence, and you need to be at least 16 years old to play.

The prizes up for grabs are as follows:

6 digits in the correct place wins £25,000
5 digits in the correct place wins £1,000
4 digits in the correct place wins £25
3 digits in the correct place wins 5 entries into the next draw

Paying is simple, with manageable payment amounts to choose from to suit your needs. Payments can be made via by Direct Debit, card or cheque as follows:

Per Lottery Number

Monthly £4.34
Three-monthly £13.00
Six-monthly £26.00
Annually £52.00

Play our lottery for as little as £1 per week

73p from every £1 goes directly to helping mito families

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