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Race for Charlie

1 Aug, 12 Sept, 26 Sept, 17 Oct

London, Newcastle, Manchester, Portsmouth

Race for Charlie

2021 is going to be yet another challenging year for our events, but at the Charlie Gard Foundation we like a good challenge! We also know how difficult it is for people to plan and train for running events when there’s so much uncertainty around whether they will go ahead.

That’s why we’ve created our Race for Charlie campaign to enable runners to sign up for a guaranteed race, regardless of whether it’s cancelled or postponed.

We’d like to invite runners to support our Race for Charlie campaign by signing up for one of our four main running events this year, which are as follows:


London Landmarks Half Marathon – Sunday 1st August

Great North Run – Sunday 12th September

Great Manchester Run – Sunday 26th September

Great South Run – Sunday 17th October

We have limited places for the above events and we have three options available:

Option one: Sign up for one of the events. If it goes ahead – excellent! – you’ll run the race as normal and you’ll have a fundraising target of £300.

Option two: Sign up for one of the events. If it’s cancelled – bummer – you can run your race as a virtual event and on the day the run should take place we ask that you complete the distance (remaining Covid compliant of course) and your fundraising target is just £150.

Option three: Sign up for one of the events. If it gets cancelled – bummer again – we’ll hold your place until the following year. You can still run the virtual event as per option two, or you can wait to complete the physical race once the world starts to spin in the right direction – the choice is yours!

For those wanting to take part in the Great North Run this year we are looking for a very special team of individuals as this will be the 40th anniversary of the race and we have 40 places to fill. It will be a truly amazing event and our very own mascot, Monkey, will be taking on a World Record attempt too, so if you’d like to be a part of a potentially world record holding team, then apply for your place now!

We require a £20 sign-up fee for all of our runs, and a £300 fundraising target unless you decide to run virtual instead. If your race is cancelled and you decided to complete the virtual run AND still take the place for the following year, then your £300 target can be split over both runs: £150 target for the virtual run and £150 target for the physical run in 2022.

If you’d like to apply for a place, for further information or if you have a place for a different event and would like to sign up to Race for Charlie, please register your interest via the form at the top of this page and we’ll be in touch!


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