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Medical Board

Finding new and viable treatments – and that all elusive cure – for mitochondrial diseases, plays an important part in the foundation’s aims. To ensure we find pioneering research projects and gain the very best knowledge and expertise available to help better support those affected with mito, we are working with experts in the field of mitochondrial medicine from around the world.

Our medical board not only supports us with projects and clients, they review our research proposals to ensure we are investing in the very best research projects available.

We are honoured to be working with:

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Bertini Enrico Silvio

Bertini is currently the Head of the Unit of Neuromuscular and Neurodegenerative Disorders and the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine at the Bambino Gesu'...

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Rita Horvath MD, PHD, University of Cambridge

Rita Horvath is a clinical academic who was trained as a neurologist in Budapest, Hungary and completed her PhD on mitochondrial disease. She...

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Dr Stephen A. Duncan

Stephen Duncan was born in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, and studied Molecular Biology at the University of Glasgow. He received his Ph.D./D.Phil. from Oxford...

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Dr Ramon Martí

I initiated my work in the field of mitochondrial disorders caused by defects in the metabolism of nucleotides as a postdoctoral research scientist...

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Caterina Garone, MD, PhD

Caterina is a Clinical Geneticist with a medical degree and PhD in Human Genetics. She has been awarded a European Commission Marie Curie...

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Michio Hirano, MD

Dr. Hirano received his BA from Harvard College and MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. At the Columbia University Medical Center...

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