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Launch Party

June 1st 2018 sees the official launch of The Charlie Gard Foundation, and we are all very excited! To ensure we included all of Charlie’s supporters in our celebration, we launched with a virtual party to make sure we could all celebrate Charlie’s legacy together, regardless of where our supporters are in the world.

An invitation to the event was sent out via all of our media platforms encouraging attendees to take selfies or submit photos of them stating:

I’m part of the Charlie Gard Foundation launch, because #mitomatters

Photos and posts have come flooding in as we prepared for the big website launch at 1pm UK time. Competitions will be launched throughout the day, and ten lucky supporters from around the world will be picked at random to receive a free monkey. Just a very small ‘thank you’ to our valued supporters for continuing to stand with us while we embark on Charlie’s next journey.

The day will celebrate the launch of the foundation but also the life of our beautiful Charlie Gard, and photos and videos of our warrior can be shared and posted to our various media platforms throughout the day.

The party will start at 1pm GMT on Friday 1st June and continue until late into the evening.