What will you do?

2020 was certainly a most challenging year for us – as it was for you all – but 2021 is a brand new year filled with hope and promise  as we begin to make our way out of lockdown and out of the pandemic – hurrah!

As 2021 is the year we begin to rebuild we feel it’s a cornerstone for us so we’ve created a multitude of tasks, ideas and challenges to help motivate, support and fundraise and they’re all centred around the number 21. We’re looking for people who want to help, who want to get fit, who want to try something different, who want to achieve something – whether collectively or individually – and we’re looking for people who want to make a real difference to those who suffer from the incurable and life-limiting condition that is mitochondrial disease. And the question on our lips is: what will you do?

What is Challenge 21?

As 2021 is the year for change we’re centering everything around the number 21. We have 21 challenges and we’ll release one challenge every day starting from March 1st. We’ll be looking for 21 participants to sign up for each challenge and depending on the challenge we’ll be looking for people to raise £21, £210, £2100 or be a part of raising £21,000!

We’ll start with some very simple ways you can get involved and then increase the involvement, fundraising targets and technicality day by day until we reach our final and most ambitious challenge on March 21st. This is when sign up for events will officially open. Our Challenge 21 campaign will end on December 31st 2021 so you have plenty of time to get your fundraising activities planned!

We’ve got something for everyone: runners, swimmers, riders, bakers, writers, readers, entertainers, gamers, active people, quiet people, ambitious people, busy people and people who are still shielding – we haven’t left anyone out! We have team challenges and individual challenges too so no matter your abilities, time or skills, we’ve got you covered.

What will I receive if I sign up?

Everyone who successfully takes part in Challenge 21 will receive a £10 voucher to use in our charity shop, a specially designed certificate and one of our brand new golden pin badges (you can’t purchase these badges – they must be earned!). We’ll also offer you all the fundraising support you need for the challenge you’ve chosen including sportswear, sponsorship forms, money boxes, fundraising packs and much more where applicable.

How will my funds be used?

We’ll help you set up your fundraising page and if you want your funds to go to a particular campaign we can arrange that for you. At the moment we have several projects and campaigns but our three primary areas of fundraising will go to our research, garden and campervan projects. When we send out your thank you letter we will also give you an update on exactly how your funds have supported the charity.

How do I sign up?

You can view all the challenges underneath our fundraising video below and use the form on their individual pages, or you can simply use the form below. For any queries or questions please email Stephanie at stephanie@thecharliegardfoundation.org.

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Why fundraise for us?

Challenge 21

Challenge One – Money Boxes

We’re looking for 21 people to receive one of our money boxes. Could you raise £21 through loose change? More information.


Challenge Two – Sponsored Read

We’re looking for 21 children to take part in a sponsored read. Could you raise £21 reading your favourite books? More information.

Challenge Three – Facebook Fundraiser

We’re looking for 21 people to set up a Facebook fundraiser for us. Could you raise funds via social media? More information.

Challenge Four – Online Shopping

We’re looking for 21 people to sign up to one of our shopping platforms. Could you raise funds whilst shopping? More details.

Challenge Five – Baking!

We’re looking for 21 people to ‘raise’ £21 through their love of cakes! Could you bake for us? More information.

Challenge Six – Business Support

We’re looking for 21 businesses to pledge to raise either £21, £210 or £2100! Could your business be up for the task? More information.

Challenge Seven – Dress Up/Down Day

We’re looking for 21 people to host a dress down day if you’re in an office, or dress up day if you’re still Zooming! More information.

Challenge Eight – Regular Giving

We’re looking for 21 people to support us on a regular basis, whether monthly giving or joining our lottery. More details.

Challenge Nine – Hike or Bike

We’re looking for 21 people to raise funds by either hiking or biking – individually or collectively – 21 miles! More details.

Challenge Ten – Arts and Crafts

We’re looking for 21 people to raise £21 through arts and crafts. Could you craft for us? More information.


Challenge Eleven – Charlie's Cheeky Monkey Run

We’re looking for 21 children, schools, children’s centres or nurseries to take on a Cheeky Monkey Run! More details.

Challenge Twelve – Race for Charlie

This is our Challenge 21 wild card! Could you run a half marathon either virtual or physical? More information.

Challenge Thirteen – Gaming!

We’re looking for 21 people to raise £21 through their love of gaming! Could you accept the challenge? More details.

Challenge Fourteen – Escape Room!

We’re looking for 21 people to raise £21 by simply having fun! Could you host a virtual escape room? More information.

Challenge Fifteen – Raffles!

We’re looking for 21 people to host a ten-prize raffle to raise funds! Could you host a raffle? More information.

Challenge Sixteen - Club Time!

We’re looking for 21 clubs to create some fun, inventive and collective fundraising events. More information.

Challenge Seventeen – Dog Walking!

We’re looking for 21 fabulous doggies to participate in a sponsored walk. Could your dog walk for mito? More information.

Challenge Eighteen - Sky Diving

We’re looking for 21 people who could take on a once-in-a-lifetime skydive for charity! Could this be you? More information.

Challenge Nineteen - Thrill Seekers!

We’re looking for 21 thrill seekers who could tackle the great heights of London and Brighton! Are you brave enough? More details. 

Challenge Twenty – Land's End to John O' Groats

We’re looking for people to raise £21 to collectively walk 874 miles from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. More details.

Challenge Twenty-One – Superheroes!

We’re looking for 21 amazing superheroes to raise £1000. Could you be one of our superheroes? More details.

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