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Love Keep Create

Have you ever wondered what to do with those old clothes in the attic? The ones that you can’t bear to give away or sell because they’re so full of memories. They could be baby grows your child has outgrown, Granny’s favourite dressing gown, Dad’s favourite old shirt, your uniform from work, sports kits – all of them can be turned in to our beautiful keepsake memory bears, animals, blankets, quilts, animals and much more.  Here at LoveKeepCreate this is a situation we know well – we’ve turned our baby’s old sleepsuits into luxury memory quilts, our old Army uniforms into keepsake bears and our beloved (now sadly departed) Grandad’s old shirts into a memorial cushion. We didn’t even realise we were that sentimental until it came to putting the most worn items into a bag for charity and realising that we just couldn’t do it; there were just a few special bits that held too many memories.

That is why we create beautiful keepsakes from those beloved old clothes. We can take virtually any fabric items and turn them into gorgeous keepsake blankets, quilts, cushions, teddy bears, dragons, monkeys, ducks…we have a whole keepsake animal family!

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