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Parents of Charlie Gard announce their first research project

The Charlie Gard Foundation would like to proudly announce a research grant award to Dr.Caterina Garone. The research project aims to discover the mechanism responsible of clinical variability and tissues specificity of mitochondrial depletion disorders and to develop new treatment approaches for mitochondrial dNTP pool unbalance diseases.

Dr. Caterina Garone, expert scientist in the field, has been appointed as a group leader at the Department of Medical and Surgical sciences at University of Bologna with a “Rita Levi Montalcini Program” and will carry on the research project in her Mitochondrial Translational Medicine Laboratory at the Center for Applied Biomedical Research.

Results from the research project will be immediately translated to patients thanks to the mitochondrial clinic of Dr. Garone, the medical board of the Charlie Gard Foundation, and international collaborations. Thus, the project represents a hope for patients around world!

We wish good luck to Dr.Caterina Garone and to our board members as we embark on this pioneering research project.

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