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Our New Fundraising Video is Released

“On 4th August 2016 our lives became complete. Our little Charlie boy had arrived. On 28th July 2017, our lives were then torn apart. Our little Charlie boy had left this world.

However, his memory and legacy will live on within ourselves and with everyone whom he touched, and he inspired us to create The Charlie Gard Foundation.

As a family and dedicated team, we aim to try and make a real difference to patients and families affected by mitochondrial disease, the very disease that robbed us – and many more families alike – of our most beloved.

We also aim to bring in #CharliesLaw to prevent what happened to us from happening again to any other family, but we can’t do it without your help.

We have created this heartfelt fundraising video to explain where we started, what we’ve been doing, and where we want to go:

Please join us in the fight against mitochondrial disease and visit our Fundraising page to see what you can do to help us create a brighter, mito future.

Thank you,

Chris Gard, Charlie’s Dad

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