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From Harry Potter to Ed Sheeran – Our Charity Auctions Are Live!

During the current lockdown due to Covid-19, many of our events have been cancelled so we’ve been looking for a variety of ways in which we can continue to raise funds for our current projects.

Thanks to Change Fundraising we have been able to set up three auctions for some of our main campaigns. We thought some people maybe looking to treat themselves as they work their way through lockdown, or perhaps someone has been going above and beyond and is in need of a treat. Hopefully, we will have the gift for you!

From spa items to liquid art, to signed memorabilia and original illustrations – we have an eclectic range of wonderful items for you to browse. Please take a look at our campaigns and auction details below.

Daniel’s Auction

Daniel lives in Barnsley, a small town in Yorkshire, and was thought to be a happy healthy baby. At four months old it was suspected something wasn’t right with his development and after months of appointments and visits to many hospitals Daniel was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder, for which we are awaiting a full diagnosis. He has cerebral palsy, his brain is damaged in three areas and he’s failing to thrive. He hasn’t gained much weight in over twelve months and he’s struggling to stay at 9kg. His 3rd birthday is in September 2019, however, Daniel’s muscle tone and development are that of a 0-6-month-old baby.

Daniel finds it hard to travel anywhere as he finds travelling in the car distressing even the shortest journeys to hospital are too hard for him so Daniel spends a lot of time at home. Daniel loves the outdoors and swimming/hydrotherapy but due to his MRSA it’s difficult to take him anywhere, and we are now saving to get him a hydrotherapy pool of his own.

We are are very close to hitting target for the hydrotherapy pool to help build his muscle tone and ease his pain. He will require a large operation if his hips don’t form the muscle tone needed to hold them in place, which is normally gained by standing and he struggles to hold his head fully without support. With the help of hydrotherapy his muscles will strengthen and help him to do this for longer periods throughout the day. You can follow my journey via my Facebook page here.

Please follow the link to take a look at Daniel’s auction:

Maxwell’s Auction

Maxwell has a rare medical condition called thymidine kinase 2 deficiency syndrome (or TK2d). It is a genetic disorder that causes progressive weakness of the bodys muscles (myopathy).

Maxwell is totally dependent on others in every aspect of daily life. He is supported by twenty-four-seven love and attention by family, friends and an amazing care team, but we want to ensure he has the best quality of life and wish to give him all the equipment and treatments that will ensure he enjoys his life to the full. To do that we need to ensure he has a new bespoke chair, nucleoside treatment and a hydrotherapy pool.

Maxwell loves the water! It is the one place where his body is neutrally buoyant, enabling him to slightly move his arms and legs. Maxwells family dream of him having his own accessible infection free hydrotherapy pool on their specially adapted patio looking out on the South Downs. The patio is ready and £23,000 for a specialist pool will make a dramatic difference to Maxwell’s life.

We are currently fundraising for Maxwell’s pool, specialist chair and treatment to ensure he continues to have the best quality of life possible. You can follow my journey via my Facebook page here.

Please follow the link to take a look at Maxwell’s auction:

Nathaniel’s Auction

Nathaniel was born a happy healthy baby boy. He smiled from morning until night and was just beginning to roll over when his first seizure hit at 14 weeks old. This seizure could not be stopped via conventional seizure medication or rescue medication as its known. The doctors had no choice but to put our tiny baby into a coma to stop the seizures. I thought my world had come crashing down, but unfortunately that was just the beginning. That coma was just 1 of 3 comas our son was placed into for seizure control. One of them comas lasted for nearly 3 weeks. The longest 3 weeks of our lives. Nathaniel was also christened during one of his comas as we didnt think he would pull through.

On the 1st October 2018 we did receive some hope. Nathaniel was the first child in his hospital trust, to our knowledge, to receive Epidiolex. This is an approved medical cannabis via the NHS but only contains CBD. This medicine is life saving, or in Nathaniels case will offer him a better quality of life. With Nathaniel being so poorly and doctors estimating that he will not make it past his infancy, we simply do not have time to wait and need to secure this now. We currently fundraise to pay for Nathaniel’s medication, and until we can get an NHS prescription, we have to ensure we raise enough funds a month to keep Nathaniel alive, well and living is life to the full. You can follow my journey via my Facebook page here.

Please follow the link to take a look at Nathaniel’s auction: