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Charlie Gard’s parents wouldn’t wish court battle to save child ‘on worst enemy’

Connie and Chris – Charlie’s mum and dad – spoke to Louise Scott the Scotland reporter from ITV this week, and this is her report:

On Scotland’s Northeast coast lies the Highland city of Inverness, more than 500 miles from the hustle and bustle of London. It’s where the parents of Charlie Gard have moved, hoping for a more peaceful life. 

Five years have passed since Charlie’s death, but no time or distance has been able to erase the pain they feel every day. And the trauma of the court battle, is very much still with them.

Charlie’s mum Connie reflected on those months of trying to get her son to the US for experimental treatment: “We were looking at our little boy and he’s looking back at us and he’s squeezing our hand and he’s still there and we weren’t able to take him. 

“We just couldn’t believe we didn’t have the parental rights to do so. I still can’t believe it. It’s nearly five years on and I just can’t understand as a parent that you lose those rights, and you can’t try and save your child.” 

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