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Roundtable discussion for Charlie’s Law

With the new year comes new challenges: the pandemic continues to disrupt parliament with all Private Member’s Bill’s suspended for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this means that Charlie’s Law is unlikely to have its second reading in the House of Commons until the next parliamentary session. However, we are still working hard to ensure that everything is ready and in place for when we do get back into the House of Commons.

We continue to reach out and discuss Charlie’s Law with parliamentarians, doctors, parents and other professionals to ensure we are all working towards the same goal. We recently held a successful roundtable event with many key people to discuss how we can best move forward with Charlie’s Law. It was excellent to see such support from all areas of professionals, especially as we all strive for the same goal, which is change, and change for the better.

We’re approaching our fourth year of working hard towards this change, and we’ll continue to do so until we are able to bring Charlie’s Law to fruition. 

To read our full roundtable update please visit Charlie’s Law blog here.