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Are you up for the 2.6 movie challenge?

Looking for ways to beat the lockdown boredom? Looking for something to do with the family, just to entertain yourself, or something to do with your friends via video link? Our fantastic new Two Point Six Movie Challenge is something anyone and everyone can get involved with, and you can help us to raise vital funds for some of our current projects in the process.

What is the 2.6 challenge?

The 2.6 challenge has been created off the back of the unfortunate cancellation of the London Marathon that should have gone ahead on Sunday 26th April. The event raised over £64 million for charities last year so the organisers partnered with Just Giving and other bodies to create the 2.6 challenge that can appeal to anyone, anywhere, during the current lockdown situation. The idea is to use the numbers 2.6 and 26 to create a challenge, whether that’s 26 minutes of dancing, running 2.6 miles round the block, or taking on our very own special challenge to see how many movie moments you can create in just 26 seconds! You can of course choose your own challenge to raise funds, but we would love people to get involved with our unique and fun way of getting creative, having fun and challenging your imagination!

What is the 2.6 Movie Challenge?

This is a challenge we at the Charlie Gard Foundation created to try and beat the boredom during lockdown whilst also thinking of creative ways to raise funds. As a charity our primary focus is to ensure families can make precious memories together so it seemed fitting to create a challenge that also represented our own objectives: making memories and having fun! So, if you love movies, and like a good challenge against the clock, then this is for you!

We all have our favourite movies, and we all have our favourite movie moments, so why not challenge yourself to recreate as many iconic movie moments as you can in just 26 seconds! There are no rules to this, just the Government guidelines with regards to the current lockdown situation, and so long as people stay safe and have fun we don’t mind how you create your movies so get your thinking caps on and be as creative as you want! For a little inspiration please take a look at our video below:

This sounds great! How do I sign up?

Excellent! We’d love to have you on board. To get involved follow these five easy steps:


First of all you need to set up your fundraising page. The link to set up your personal 2.6 Just Giving page for us is here. It takes just seconds to set up your page and you can begin fundraising immediately.


Edit your page to explain you’re going to take on the 2.6 Movie Challenge and set your target to just £26 suggesting that people keep to the 2.6 theme and make donations of either £2 or £6. However, you may just wish to donate funds just for taking part, in which case that’s perfectly fine and you can donate to our main page here.


Now the fun begins! Get creative and think about which movie moments you want to create, how you’re going to do it, whether you need props, acting skills, costumes, or just your imagination and some humour. When it comes to the video make sure you have a timer, or someone to keep time for you. However you decide to create your video, just make sure you have lots of fun!


Upload your finished video to social media with your personal Just Giving link and use the hashtags #TwoPointSixMovieChallenge, #TwoPointSixChallenge and #MitoMatters. Tag in 8 of your friends (2 + 6 = 8! See – we’re always trying to keep to the theme!) who you think would be up for the challenge, and maybe even tag in actors who feature in your video! They may even be impressed with your efforts! Then share, share, share! The more we can get involved in the challenge the better.


Finally, send in your videos to us ( as we’d love to make a collection of your amazing videos and see how imaginative, creative and funtastic you can be in your own home! The priority is to have fun during lockdown, but if we can raise awareness and funds in the process then fan-daby-dosy!

Where will my donations go?

The Charlie Gard Foundation is the only mitochondrial charity in the UK that offers such a wide variety of support and services for families and individuals that suffer from mitochondrial diseases. At the moment we have a variety of projects that desperately need funding. The money you help us to raise will be going towards some very specific projects that include:

• Specialist hydrotherapy pools for our most vulnerable children

• Treatment for children and adults

• Garden renovations

• Household adaptions

• Medical equipment

• Assistant medical dog funding

We are still running our everyday services but the above projects are our absolute priority as mitochondrial diseases are sadly life limiting and we want to make sure our clients have the very best quality of life for as long as they possibly can, so the sooner we can deliver our products and services to them the better.

So thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you can have some much needed fun whilst helping to raise awareness for mitochondrial diseases, and also raising funds to help us create a brighter mito future because mito matters.