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The Charlie Gard Foundation aims to become one of the UK’s leading charities dedicated to fighting mitochondrial disease. The foundation raises awareness for the condition, invests in world-class research into viable treatments, and supports families whose lives have been touched by this incurable disease.

We are currently finalising the details for the website, and the official launch date for the foundation will be Friday 1st June. If you would like to keep updated with more information in the run up to the launch you can follow us on:

Twitter: @charliesfight
Instagram: #charliesfight
Facebook: Charlie’s Army and Charlie Gard #charliesfight

For those who wish to support the work of The Charlie Gard Foundation, you can donate using the details below:

Sort code: 08-92-99
Account Number: 65850703

And cheques can be made payable to: The Charlie Gard Foundation
And sent to:

The Charlie Gard Foundation
Suite 19
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We are proud to announce that we’ll be supporting the proposal for Charlie’s Law.

Charlie's Law

The campaign for Charlie's Law has been running behind the scenes in Parliament for the past eight months, and now is the time to make it happen.

If you wish to be involved with this change in law, the most helpful thing you can do is write to your MP asking them to support Charlie's Law.

Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your postcode.
  3. Scroll down past 'Your Councillors' to 'Your MP'.
  4. Select your MPs name.
  5. Write your message, fill out your address (to prove to them that you are their constituent) and SEND.

Some important things to remember:

  • Write in your own words. It's much more powerful for your MP to hear your views from the heart.
  • Your email does not have to be long.
  • Do not try to copy and paste huge amounts of text. This will be blocked by the website.
  • Always be courteous and constructive in what you write.

When writing your letter, you might want to mention these points:

  • Over the past nine months Charlie’s parents have been working with NHS medical professionals, world-leading ethicists, and politicians towards a law that would help prevent prolonged and painful conflicts between hospitals and families with sick children.
  • The product of this long process of consultations is Charlie’s Law – a Private Member's Bill – that proposes to clarify the law around 'best interests' and ensure families going through these difficult times are properly supported.
  • The Bill has three main clauses:
    1. To focus on helping parents get the help they need by providing for a) better access to advice on ethics and their rights, b) independent second opinions, c) legal aid (to prevent ill-equipped families having to take on top-flight legal representation and relying on interest groups).
    2. helping to prevent cases from reaching court by providing for a) access to clinical ethics committees throughout NHS hospitals, b) access to medical mediation in cases of conflict c) access to medical records including raw data.
    3. protecting parental rights in these cases by preventing court orders from being made except where there is a risk of significant harm to the child.
  • The Bill for Charlie’s Law has been carefully drafted over a long period and has the backing of doctors, lawyers and many others.
  • I call upon you as my local MP to represent my view and support it when it is tabled in Parliament.

Contact Us

For those of you wanting to contact The Charlie Gard Foundation, or have questions about Charlie's Law, please use the email addresses below: | |

More details and new website coming soon . . .